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At Muster & Mingle, We Are Well

For our Piqua Muster & Mingle event on September 5th, we had a slight change of scenery. Instead of gathering in the banquet space, we enjoyed the sunlight streaming in as we sat in the food court. The bright space added to the fun as we welcomed several new veterans and their families. Dinner was donated and from Bob Evans, and everyone enjoyed the pot roast, mashed potatoes, green beans and dinner rolls.

After dinner, Shelley Acker from the I Am Well Foundation spoke to those gathered. She talked about things that everyone could do to live a healthier life, from simple diet changes to simply getting more active. She walked everyone through a simple mobility test, and explained how to interpret the results. She wanted to make everyone aware of the benefits of making simple sustainable changes, rather than completely overhauling every aspect of your life.

Our Muster & Mingle events are held bi-monthly, once in Piqua and once in Tipp City. For more information on our upcoming events, you can check out our Upcoming Events pageĀ here!

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